"LA PESCADORA" preserves

Since 1890

"Hijos de José Serrats, S.A", "La Pescadora" preserves, was founded in 1890 in Bermeo (Vizcaya), in the coast of the Bay of Biscay. José Serrats established in Bermeo, with the aim of preserving and distributing to more distant destinations, the delicious freshness and flavour of the products of the Bay of Biscay. His company was the first among companies with these characteristics in Bermeo.

From 1914 onwards, "La Pescadora" has been exported. Over the years La Pescadora has been positioned as a canned brand of White Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Anchovy Fillets focused on the high range, and with a wide presence all over the World. Nowadays, our products can be found in France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany…

The freshest fish

Our fish preserves are characterized by the highest quality, specially in White Tuna, Anchovy Fillets and Yellowfin Tuna. Our preserves are elaborated by only using the finest raw materials: fresh fish of the finest quality and specially selected.

A handmade process

The handmade preparation of the preserves, transmitted and improved over five generations, is one of the keys of our success.

 Modern facilities

In 2004, "Hijos de José Serrats, S.A."- "La Pescadora" preserves, modernized its facilities with an investment of 4.5 million Euros. The preserves are handcrafted. However, these modern technologies help us improve the conditions of maintenance, selection and packaging of the product in order to ensure the highest conditions of the products, when they reach their final destination.

Our Know-How, coupled with the strict quality control system, enables us to meet the requirements of the cross-border and national markets.

Ignacio Serrats is the current director of the company and represents the fifth generation of "La Pescadora" preserves. "During five generations we have worked very hard in order to make "La Pescadora" Products reflect the highest quality in canned fish. We work hard in order of transmitting the values of tradition and passion for well done work, and also of offering the genuine flavour of the Bay of Biscay products".