Raw materials

Our fish preserves are characterized by the highest quality, especially in White Tuna, Anchovy Fillets and Yellowfin Tuna. Our preserves are elaborated by only using the finest raw materials, and always respecting the traditional fishing tackle.

"Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore)

Scientific name: Thunnus Alalunga.
This is the top quality fish of the tuna family, it compose the elitist range of tunafish.
In summer, the "Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore) approaches the Bay of Biscay in enormous shoals. The fishing hauls made at this time are known as the "Costera del Bonito" catches. It is captured, one by one, in the best moment of the season respecting the traditional fishing tackle. The "Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore) has a streamline body protected by scales. Its back is dark blue and its underbelly grey and shiny. It also has large pectoral fins. It has an average length of 75 cm and can weigh up to 10-15 kg.

The specific characteristics of the "Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore) added to the conditions of Cantabrian Sea, the specific moment of the season and the way it is captured, convert the "Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore) in the crème de la crème of the tuna family.

The most noticeable culinary difference is that its meat is tastier and its texture exceptionally smooth. Another of its characteristics is that its meat is whiter than that of the rest of the tunas. In sum, the "Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore) is unique and special and can be recognized by its aroma, its refined taste, smooth and juicy texture and its white meat.

The "Bonito del Norte" (White Tuna, Albacore)" also has the advantage of containing a lower percentage of fat: while Yellowfin has a fat content of 10%, Albacore only has 6%.

Yellowfin Tuna

Scientific name: Thunnus Albacares.

This is a migratory species mainly caught in tropical and equatorial waters.

Its pectoral fins are much shorter than those of the Albacore, and it has bright yellow dorsal and ventral fins.

Yellowfins can grow up to 2 metres in length and up to 200 kg in weight. It has a large scaly body that narrows towards the tail.

This is the most commonly fished tuna, which is probably why it is used so often in preserves.

The Anchovie

The anchovy is an immigrant fish. Its Latin name is Engraulis, and its second name and the quality of its meat change according to where it is caught.

"LA PESCADORA" Preserves only use Anchovies of the finest quality Engraulis Encrasicholus captured in the best moment of the season, between April and June, in the Bay of Biscay.

It is an small fish that can live three or four years and reach the 20 cm. It has a silver belly and a blue-grey neck, and they move all together.

The best time of year to catch anchovies on our coasts is from April to June. Although they live at depths of more than 100 metres, in the spring and summer they come up to the surface to reproduce and that is when they are caught. At this time of year, they also have more fat and a richer flavour.