Can 120 gr. VENTRESCA (BELLY) OF YELLOWFIN TUNA in olive oil

Ventresca-Belly of Yellowfin Tuna, carefully selected, in olive oil and hand-packaged in a can.

  • Description: Can
  • Net Weigh: 115 g
  • Drained Weight: 81 g
  • Units/box: 12 or 25

“La Pescadora" Preserves

LA PESCADORA preserves are located in Bermeo, in the Coast of the Bay of Biscay (Spain). We have been more than 120 years dedicated to the art of the production of canned fish. Our preserves have an exceptional quality and they are elaborated by only using the finest raw materials, fresh fish of the finest quality and specially selected. The handmade preparation of the preserves, transmitted and improved over five generations, is one of the keys of our success. Our Know-How, coupled with the strict quality control system, enables us to meet the requirements of the cross-border and national markets.

Ventresca- Belly of Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil

Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares) is a migratory species. Its habitat is the Tropical and Ecuatorial seas and because of the abundance of the species is the fish most often used in preserves.

First we select the best fishes, then we cooked them and, following a meticulous and handmade process, the Yellowfin Tuna is prepared and packaged. The skill and experience acquired over five generations is the key of the exceptional taste and appearance of our preserves.

The can of Ventresca-Belly, contains the most delicate and softest part from the Yellowfin Tuna. It is the area at the bottom of the fish, which is close to the head, and is certainly the most juicy, tender and flavorful.

The Ventresca-Belly is covered with specially selected olive oil. This olive oil adds an exclusive and unique aroma and taste to this preserve.